Registration begins now.
Application is possible until the beginning of the Pentiment  programme as long as there is still space available in the courses.


Proof of basic artistic qualification is required for participation. Therefore, samples of art work must be submitted with the application.
If a course is overfilled, a selection of participants will be made.
Work samples also serve guest professors as helpful advance information. It is therefore necessary that previous Pentiment participants submit samples of their art work with each new application.

Application Documents:

  1. Completed application form.

  2. 10 – 15 samples of art work. Those who apply by mail are asked not to send original works, but rather copies, photos or printouts (no larger than DIN A-4), or a digital portfolio with an overview description of each picture.

Pentiment cannot accept liability for these documents.

Second Course Choice

As course size is limited, Pentiment recommends applying as soon as possible and to indicate a second, binding course choice in the event that one's preferred course is overcrowded.

Confirmation of Admission

Upon receipt of all registration documents, Pentiment will send applicants a confirmation of same.
Within six weeks after the posting of this confirmation, Pentiment will inform each applicant whether (s)he has been admitted to the summer programme.
From this point on Pentiment cancellation policy goes into effect.

Courses for which there are still too few applicants six weeks before the beginning of the programme must be cancelled. Applicants will be informed immediately and, with their agreement, assigned their second course choice. If no agreement can be reached, Pentiment will reimburse the applicant in full.


Tuition is generally calculated as follows: an application fee of € 150 plus € 380 for one week of course participation and € 680 for two weeks.

Additional costs for art materials, living accomodations, meals, etc., are not included. Tuition can be more expensive if, for example, two instructors are required for a course, if laboratory charges are involved, or if a course has very few participants.


Apprentices and students
in their first apprenticeship/course of study and who are under 28 years of age generally receive a 25% tuition reduction.

Unemployed participants (ALG 1/2)
also generally receive a 25% tuition reduction.

Loyalty discount
Pentiment participants receive a 10% discount for their fifth and each directly succeeding participation in the Pentiment summer programme if (s)he has not received another course discount.

All price reductions can be granted only if proof of eligibility is submitted with the application. Discounts can be awarded to only two participants in courses which are full by mid-June.


International Summer Academy courses are recognized in many German states as educational leave. If one applies for educational leave, Pentiment requires notification of his or her professional title and the state in which (s)he is employed. All questions pertaining to educational leave should be addressed to our office.




Pentiment will award six full scholarships in 2017 for participation in the International Summer Academy:

2 scholarships for students and alumni of the Dept. Design of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.
Students must be recommended by an instructor of the Department of Design.

2 scholarships for Hamburg artists and designers.
Recipients must be under 50 years of age with their place of birth or residency in Hamburg.

2 international scholarships for art or design students.
Students must be recommended by a college instructor.

Any other scholarships will be made public here, in our blog, or on our Facebook page.

All application documents must be submitted to the International Summer Academy Pentiment between May 2017.

All applicants must give evidence of their personal artistic profile and qualifications for the course desired.

(1) Completed registration form.
(2) 10 – 15 signed samples of art work with information as
 to format, medium and the year in which each was created.
Those who apply by mail are requested not to send original
works, but rather copies, photos or printouts (no larger than
DIN A-4), or a digital portfolio with an overview description of each picture. Pentiment will not accept liability for these documents.


Room, hotel, youth hostel and pension offerings can be found under Tourist Information:

Or just here:


Opening Ceremony
Sunday, 23 July 2017, at 2 p.m.
in the auditorium, Armgartstraße 24.
Welcoming address and organisational information,
followed by (from 3 p.m.) initial course discussions
and assignment of workplaces.

begins Monday, 24 July 2017,
in courserooms.
Please note that we recommend arriving on Sunday for the opening and since the planning of your coursework will start then at first course meeting

Concluding Exhibition
Saturday, August 6th 2017, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
in the HAW buildings, Armgartstraße 24:
presentation of the work done in all the courses and celebration.


Course Duration
Courses last 1 or 2 weeks. Specifics and details are included in the course descriptions. If there are still openings in courses shortly before the summer session begins, changes in the course schedule might be arranged.

Course Schedule and opening times
Pentiment courses last eight classroom periods (six hours, divided into two sessions) every day from Monday to Friday.
Course participants can work in classrooms on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and in labs and workshops usually from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
On Saturday classrooms are open to course participants from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Work in labs and workshops outside normal course hours or at the weekend is possible only by arrangement with the lab or workshop personnel responsible.

Course Size
As a rule courses are limited to 18 participants, in some courses (depending on work conditions, e.g. workshop use) to fewer than 18. In addition assistants and any scholarship holders also participate.

Classrooms and Workareas
Courses are conducted in the two buildings of the Department of Design of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.
The two buildings, “Media Campus Finkenau” and “Fashion Campus Armgartstraße”, are a ten-minute walk from each other.
In addition a garden in Armgartstraße and the courtyard of the Finkenau campus can be used, as can the banks of the Eilbek Canal, which borders both buildings.

I.D. Card
Each participant receives an I.D. card which entitles him/her to discounts on purchases in some art supply stores.

At the end of the Summer Academy each participant receives a certificate confirming completion of his/her course.

Food and Drinks
The canteens of the Department of Design in the Finkenau building and in the neighbouring Art College are open to Pentiment participants for meals and refreshments.
In addition a Pentiment Cafe offers drinks and snacks and also caters the celebration at the conclusion of the Pentiment summer session.

The library of the Department of Design in Armgartstraße is open to all Pentiment participants during its opening hours.

Additional Costs and Work Materials
Depending on course projects and individual techniques and demands, additional costs might accrue (e.g. for models, excursions, etc.).
Most art supplies are available at stores in the near vicinity,
many of which offer discounts to holders of the Pentiment I.D. card.

Supporting Programme
Coursework is accompanied by a broad supporting programme including presentations by guest professors, lectures and other on- and off-campus events, films, concerts and parties.

Concluding Exhibition
At the end of the Pentiment Summer Academy session, the work of all the courses will be presented in a public exhibition.


Admissions Criteria
The admissions criteria for Pentiment are not the same as those
for study at HAW Hamburg.

Course Cancellation
Pentiment might have to cancel courses due to force majeure or an insufficient number of registrations. If course reassignment is not possible, applicants will be reimbursed for all payments made.

Course Transfer
Changing courses during the Pentiment summer session is not permitted.

Price Reductions
All price reductions can be granted only if proof of eligibility is submitted with the application. Discounts can be awarded to only two participants in courses which are full by mid-June. The amount of reduction is based upon the conditions stated on this website (participation > price reductions)

After receipt of the binding admission confirmation, withdrawal is possible only on proof of an instance of force majeure (illness, a death in the family, etc.) up to six weeks before the beginning of the Academy session.
Tuition will then be reimbursed, the admission fee of EUR 150, however, will be withheld.
Full charges must be paid after receipt of the admission confirmation in the event of withdrawal for any other reason.

Cancellation Insurance / Insurance Policy with a Cancellation Clause
Pentiment recommends that all applicants take out an insurance policy with a cancellation clause.

Liability and Health Insurance
The Academy cannot be held liable for illness, accidents, theft, etc. which occur during the Penti-ment session. Applicants are personally responsible for the postal delivery and the safekeeping of their art work. Moreover, participants will be held responsible for any damage they may cause during the course. For these reasons, all participants are urgently advised to take out pertinent insurance policies.

Application Fee
The application fee amounts to € 150 and is part of the charges for the course.

Workshops and Labs
Work in workshops and labs is allowed only by arrangement and under the supervision of personnel in charge of these facilities.

Security Measures
Course participants must be aware that allergy-causing substances (e.g. oil paints) are used in courses and that participants are responsible for their own health. The use of terpentine is strictly forbidden. Only course participants, instructors and other HAW personnel are allowed entrance to classrooms and workshops.
Guests may visit the ateliers only after registering in the office and when accompanied by a staff member. Exceptions to this rule are exhibitions and open house.
Pets are not allowed in HAW buildings.

Rules of Comportement
In the rooms of HAW Hamburg which are open to the public, certain rules of safety and behaviour must be observed.
All course participants will be informed of these in writing at the beginning of the Summer Academy. Pentiment asks everyone to obey these regulations so that future Academy sessions can also take place in these rooms.


Judith Mall
Judith Mall
(For 1- and 2-wekk-courses:) I qould like to participate in both courses
Pentiment collects and sends, on request, a list of rooms and flats for rent offered by participants.
The number of offerings and rent prices is dependent on landlords them- selves.
Please note our information on accomodation (see „participation“).

Please send me a nonbinding list of accomodations.
I can offer accomodation for other participants/guest professors.

Your personal data will not be passed on to third persons or enterprises.

* Mandatory items