In the International Summer Academy Pentiment of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, a wide range of courses headed by renowned artists from Germany and other countries will be offered. The programme is aimed at artists and designers, art and design students, as well as talented autodidacts who seek a critical and challenging preoccupation with fine and applied art (e.g. painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, print graphics, photography, graphic design, illustration, calligraphy, etc.). The term “Pentiment” stands for the course of and changes in graphics and painting which have become visible over time and which make the creative process of an artist noticeable.

The International Summer Academy gives artists and designers the opportunity to engage in an intensive working process in a period of up to three weeks and, in group and individual discussions, to reflect critically on, and enjoy exposure to, new impulses. Diverse artistic positions collide in a professional environment and provide mutual inspiration.

The courses are accompanied by a wide-ranging supplementary programme of presentations by guest professors, lectures and other events. Additionally, films, concerts and parties offer course participants and interested visitors inspiration, diversion and a chance to exchange ideas. At the conclusion of the Summer Academy, the work of all the courses is displayed in a large public exhibition.


Artistic Supervisor:
Jan Köchermann

Business Manager:
Manuel von Klipstein

Public Relations:
N. Wilhelms


Courses are conducted in the two buildings of the Department of Design of HAW Hamburg.
We are situated near the Alster lake, with its scenic footpaths, in the immediate vicinity of the city centre, numerous museums and theatres.


Erhard Göttlicher, graphic artist and Professor of Drawing at
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, founded the International Summer Academy Pentiment and directed a programme of seven courses in 1988 with the support and assistance of Business Manager Manuel von Klipstein.

1988 - 1992
The number of courses doubled.

Pentiment became a permanent institution of HAW Hamburg.

Eun Nim Ro, painter and Professor of Painting in the Department of Design at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, was appointed Artistic Supervisor of Pentiment.

Jan Köchermann was appointed Artistic Supervisor.