Why do I have to submit copies of my work although I have already taken part in a Pentiment summer course previously?

>> Our evaluation of work samples is not only as an assessment of the expected basic artistic qualification of the applicant, but also helps us with the internal composition of the courses. Applicants will be assigned to courses which are in great demand on the basis of these work samples. More-over, these samples serve our guest professors as advance information. For these reasons we require such samples with each new application.

Can I apply by e-mail?

>> Of course. Please download our online application form for this purpose and send it with 10 - 15 digital samples of your work by email.

What is the latest date I can apply?

>> As long as there are still openings in our courses, applications can be made up to the beginning of the Pentiment summer session. However, as courses sometimes fill rapidly, we recommend that you apply as soon as you have made a decision on one or more course(s).

What are the conditions for Summer Academy participation?
What qualifications must I have?

>> Basis artistic qualifications are required for our courses
(with the exception of, for example, computer courses for graphic programmes).
Prior college or university study in the areas of art or design is not
an absolute prerequisite: talented autodidacts can, of course, also take part.
If you are uncertain as to your choice of courses or your own artistic qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our artistic supervisor will be happy to counsel you in all matters and to recommend appropriate courses if you wish.

Where can I find accomodations for the Pentiment session?

>> Beginning in June Pentiment will gladly send you on request a list of rooms and apartment offerings which have been supplied by Hamburg Pentiment participants, together with their private addresses. Prior to that time we will have collected these offerings.

>> There is no charge for this service, but the number of offerings and rent prices depend on the lessors themselves. Pentiment can, unfortunately, neither guarantee success in finding lodging nor accept responsibility for the accuracy of apartment descriptions or the quality of such flats.
For other rooms to let, hotels, youth hostels and pensions, please consult Tourist Information: hamburg.de.

Is there a discount for senior citizens?

>> Unfortunately no.

Do I have to attend the opening ceremony on Sunday,
July 22nd?

>> We recommend that you come.
Not only will the guest professors be greeted and introduced on this occasion, but the courserooms will be assigned, work places set up
and initial, internal course discussions conducted.
In addition, at this opening ceremony you will receive important information about the practical proceedings of the Summer Academy.

Until what date, and for what legitimate reasons, may I withdraw from the Pentiment summer session?
Does Pentiment offer a cancellation insurance policy?

>> After receipt of our admission confirmation, withdrawal from Academy participation is possible only with written proof of cases of force majeure (e.g. illness, death in the family, etc.) up to six weeks before the summer session begins (i.e. up to 10 June 2012).
Your tuition will be reimbursed, but not the registration fee of € 150. If you withdraw for any other reason after receipt of the admission confirmation, you must pay all charges.

>> We advise all applicants to take out an insurance policy with a cancellation clause.
We will be happy to supply further information on request.

What are the exact classroom hours of the courses?
Can I also work at the weekend?

>> Courses are conducted daily for eight classroom periods (= six hours). Each course instructor and his/her students will establish the exact times. Course participants may work on their own in classrooms on Saturdays, in workshops and labs, however, only in exceptional circumstances and by arrangement with laborabory or workshop staff.

Does tuition cover the cost of art supplies?

>> The cost for supplies is not included in the tuition, art materials must be purchased by the participants themselves. Large quantities of paper, canvas, etc. might possibly be ordered by the course assistant for the entire course and then be paid for by the participants.

How do I get to the different buildings most easily?

>> Our buildings are quite close to several bus and underground (U-Bahn) stops, which makes access quite easy.

To Armgartstraße 24
by underground:
U-Bahn line U3 to “Uhlandstraße” stop

by bus:
Bus no. 6, 172, 173 or express bus (Schnellbus) 37 to bus stop “Mundsburger Brücke”
(each stop is ca. 5 minutes from Armgartstraße 24)

To Finkenau 35
by underground:
U-Bahn line U3 to “Mundsburg” stop

by bus:
Bus no. 172 or 173 to bus stop “Mundsburg”
Bus no. 25 to bus stop “Uferstraße”
(each stop is ca. 8 minutes from Finkenau 35)
Express bus (Schnellbus) 37 to bus stop “Finkenau”
(bus stop is ca. 5 minutes from Finkenau 35)

Your own personal route on public transportation can be found at hvv.de. You can also find a map here of the area with U-Bahn and bus stops.

If you are arriving by car, we recommend the route planner of google.maps.

Where can I rent a bicycle?

>> You have the possibility of registering with stadtrad.hamburg.de and of renting a bicycle at the different “Stadtrad” stations.
Fortunately there are bicycle rental stations near both Armgartstraße and Finkenau. For further information on bicycle rental fees and stations, see the above-mentioned website.

Can Pentiment participants get reduced rates on public transportation?

>> Unfortunately no. We will, however, gladly advise you as to less expensive day, week and group travel tickets. You will also find additional information at www.hvv.de